Chut… is inspired by its Time. In a World where home design and children’s well-being are more and more important, we have created soft toys, with a “comforter” purpose but which are also elegant and design objects.

Chut… offers comforter- soft toys, with the features of “baby-animals” who still have chubby cheeks and are a little clumsy.

A collection with carefully designed details, dynamically combining material and colors: soft material, harmonious but contrasted color associations thanks to the Drop which is the distinctive sign of our tribe!

The basics of « Chut…. »:

The drop: our first source of inspiration is the Drop with its sleek shape which allows great freedom of expression and the stylish, modern, poetic distribution of color, material and light.

The Chut-blanket: each member of the Chut… tribe has its own comforter, the « Chut-blanket », which is a small piece of cloth which can come in different shapes and sizes and can easily be embroidered , scented… customizable to your own taste.

The color: straightforward and strong colors with magnificent printed matter which are renewed with each season. After talking with an orthoptist about how children perceive colors and shapes, we realized that contrasts are very important to attract and awaken the sight of little ones. This would thus be one of the bases to develop the range: to contrast, to differentiate, to use strong colors.

A craze for details: the details are there to amuse, to embellish, to encourage touching, chewing… They personalize the final expression of each member of the Chut… tribe. We’ve given all sides of our products a lot of thought: the front, the back, the side, from underneath and above!